Do you remember the life-changing thrill you got when you first heard an AC/DC song, or better yet, saw them live? It's as though you experienced a whole different world of rock music. Well it's time to re-live the experience and AD/HD is gonna bring it to you! The raw talent in this tribute act delivers the sound, the feel and the power of the original AC/DC band. With a jolting new line-up of veteran musicians Kent Shove (lead vocal), Michael Okler (lead guitar), Randy James (guitar, vocals), Chris Courtney (bass, vocals) and Steve Dunn (drums), the band is firing on all cylinders and blowing away audiences around the Midwest. Creating a stage show that captures the essence of large-scale touring acts, "AD/HD" delivers the energy through sound and lighting that will keep an audience enthralled and talking about their experience for weeks to come. As one promoter stated recently, "If you didn't know better, you'd have thought the real AC/DC was on stage".

Bring AD/HD to your venue or event, you won't regret it! You'll be on the Highway to Hell and loving it.

Mike Okler
Lead Guitar

Kent Shove
Lead Vocals

Randy James
Rythm Guitar/Vocals

Chris Courtney
Bass Guitar/Vocals

Steve Dunn

AC/DC tribute band ready to rock for InConcert series

“Let There Be Rock” at the 4th Floor Blues Club.

On Saturday night, AD/HD, an Illinois-based tribute to rockers AC/DC, will perform in Richmond as part of the InConcert series.

Tickets are sold in advance for the concert at local businesses, directly from charities participating in the fundraiser or online. All of the $20 ticket price will go to the non-profit organizations.

Kent Shove, lead singer for AD/HD, says the band plans a fun show for the local audience.

"My goal has always been to be the nation's greatest AC/DC tribute band," he said. "It took seven years for me to get where we are at today. The new lineup for 2014 is the best ever and what has always set us apart from other AC/DC tribute bands is the energy that the band puts forth in a live performance."

Shove's highway of a music career has taken many twists and turns.

His favorite band during high school was AC/DC, and Bon Scott was his idol. Shove said he was kicked out of his high school choir for refusing to sing baritone when he knew he was a tenor, and he gave up singing for several years.

Shove decided to return to music in the early 1980s, bouncing from cover band to cover band until his child was born in 1995 and he decided to stop singing.

Then, in 2007, he woke up after what he called a nightmare, in which he was the singer for an AC/DC tribute band performing in front of thousands.

"It scared me to death because I think it was my subconscious dream come true," Shove said. "My wife responded by saying, 'Why don't you do it?'"

Later that day, they were riding around on their Harley and he saw his friend, guitar player Michael Okler, on the street corner. They'd played in a band together for five years, and Shove said one of Okler's best talents was to play the guitar "exactly like Angus (Young) does."

"I pulled over to the curb and greeted Michael with a big hug 'cause I had not seen him for years," Shove said. "I immediately told him about the dream and asked him if he would be the Angus in my new project - an AC/DC tribute band.

"Michael looked at me, and as a tear ran down his cheek, he said, 'Kent I can't say no.' At that point, I knew this was fate and this is what I was to do with my life."

So, at age 47, Shove set forth on what he says has become the greatest adventure of his life. It's been challenging, but Shove said AD/HD is "the band that wouldn't die, just like the real AC/DC band."

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